Microsoft Nears Deal to Acquire Nuance for $16 Billion

Microsoft recently announced its plans to buy an AI-based speech recognition company, Nuance Communication, for $16 billion. The mammoth tech company will pay $56 per share for the acquisition. The net amount for the deal after including debts comes to $19 billion. 

The two companies first partnered in 2019 to develop a solution for automating clinical administrative tasks. The deal represents Microsoft’s vision to maintain its leadership position in the tech sector. 

Investment in Growth Companies

Microsoft has been searching for growth-based tech companies. It has been in talks with TikTok to purchase its US division for $30 billion but the deal was cut short due to the US Government’s anti-China stance. The company is also in talks to buy a chat-based application, Discord, for $10 billion. 

Last month, Microsoft had bought gaming company Zenimax Media Inc. owner of video-game publisher Bethesda Software for $7.6 billion in cash. 

The planned buyout of Nuance is the largest acquisition of Microsoft since 2016 when it acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion. 

Microsoft shares were slightly up compared to a week ago trading at $259.50 on Thursday 15th April. Nuance Communications’ share price was $52.98 during the same period – up about 16.2 percent as compared to last week.  

Alignment of Business Strategies

Nuance Communications operations are aligned with Microsoft’s business goals regarding the health care and government sector. Nuance technologies will be used to create a more attractive value proposition for Microsoft’s cloud-based products that were launched in the previous years. 

Nuance revenue during Q4 2020 was about $346 million while the net income was $7 million. The company obtains most of the revenues from selling speech recognition software to the health care sector, voicemail, and customer service calls software. While revenues were declining by about 4 percent each year, they were high enough to make the company a target for a buyout. 

According to an interview on CNBC, CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella revealed that the main reason for acquiring Nuance was its health care solutions. He said that there has been a ‘massive acceleration’ in digital transformation particularly in the health care sector. Digital tech according to Nadella will be key in the provider market. 

Nuance was established in 1992 and it has a total staff of about 7,100. The CEO of the company is Mark Benjamin who will reportedly remain in his position after the buyout. He will report to Scott Guthrie who is the head of the cloud and AI business segment of Microsoft. 

Nuance has been a pioneer in AI-based speech recognition technology. The company had helped Apple Inc. develop the virtual assistant Siri. It has sold off less profitable units and today focuses on the enterprise and health care AI segment. The company serves about 77 percent of the hospitals in the US providing them intelligent medical imaging, medical transcription, and speech recognition applications. 

With the acquisition of Nuance, Microsoft will ride the wave of digital transformation that is currently trending particularly in the health care sector in the US.

Alibaba’s Share Rise Despite Record $2.8 Billion Fine in China

Alibaba share price increased on Monday after Chinese regulators imposed a record fine of $2.8 billion (18.23 billion Yuan).  The share price of the company soared by about 6.51 percent even after the record fine for its monopolistic policies. 

After the imposition of the antitrust fine, the Chinese tech giant had done what many in the West would not expect of large tech companies like Google or Facebook. The company thanked the regulators. 

In an open letter, the company stated that it would not have achieved growth targets if it were not for the sound government rules and services. The statement shows how odd the crackdown of the big tech company has been in China as compared to the US. 

Relief Among Alibaba Investors 

Experts say that the crackdown on the tech giant is extraordinary. The probe into the landmark antitrust case wrapped up in just four months. In the US and Europe, investigations regarding antitrust activities generally take years.

Investors were relieved with the quick decision that lifted uncertainty regarding the fate of the company. The $2.8 billion fine was less severe as it was just 4 percent of the domestic revenue of the company. 

The fine imposed on Jack Ma’s tech company was nearly three times more than the previous record fine of $1 billion imposed in 2015 on the US chipmaker, Qualcomm Inc. But it was much less than the maximum fine of 10 percent of gross revenue as per Chinese law. 

After news of the anti-regulatory fine started to make headway, the shares of the company increased by about 5.5 percent in Hong Kong on Monday this week. 

The co-founder and vice-chairman of the company Joseph Tsai stated, “We are happy to get the matter behind us”. According to the executive of the tech giant the regulatory actions were taken to ensure fair competition in the tech sector. 

Alibaba will have to pay a fine and also carry out certain ‘rectifications’ such as not forcing merchants to choose the Alibaba eCommerce platform. The company has pledged to enforce the rules ordered by the Chinese regulatory body. In return, the regulators will not force radical changes in the e-commerce strategy of the company. 

According to Tsai, the regulators are in fact affirming the company’s business model that he believes is beneficial for the innovation and growth of the economy. 

He had stated that the company was not aware of any other investigations other than the probe about the investment and acquisitions of the tech giant. 

Will the $2.8 Billion Absolve Alibaba of Its Sins?

Daniel Zhang, the current CEO of Alibaba, had declared that the company is ready to move forward. Moreover, the People’s Daily, which is considered the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party assured tech companies that the government was not attempting to stifle the tech sector. 

Investors are relieved that the Hangzhou-based e-commerce firm that is considered as the Amazon of China is not forced to divest or break up their assets. The penalty for the antitrust activities will not significantly affect the business model of the company moving forwards. 

Alibaba share price increased on Monday after Chinese regulators imposed a record fine of $2.8 billion (18.23 billion Yuan).  The share price of the company soared by about 6.51 percent even after the record fine for its monopolistic policies. 

After the imposition of the antitrust fine, the Chinese tech giant had done what many in the West would not expect of large tech companies like Google or Facebook. The company thanked the regulators. 

In an open letter, the company stated that it would not have achieved growth targets if it were not for the sound government rules and services. The statement shows how odd the crackdown of the big tech company has been in China as compared to the US. 

Gun Violence in America

Gun violence has cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their lives. It’s also cost the U.S. trillions of dollars.

From 1992 to 2018, the annual cost has fluctuated from $229 billion to $303 billion, most recently reaching $280 billion, according to a new report. That works out to about $860 per person.

The report, which was delivered on Wednesday by the philanthropic association Everytown for Gun Safety, separated the financial expenses of firearm brutality into five classifications: clinical, police and criminal equity, manager related, work misfortune and personal satisfaction.

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Ted Miller, a wellbeing business analyst and scientist at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation who dealt with the report, highlighted work and personal satisfaction costs as the biggest. Work misfortunes allude to lost pay in view of gun related demise or handicap, while personal satisfaction costs are more aberrant misfortunes from weapon viciousness – torment, enduring, a deficiency of prosperity for casualties and families – that analysts measured utilizing jury grants and casualty settlements as aides.

Albeit personal satisfaction is a backhanded measurement, it’s a significant one, as indicated by Miller.

“You can’t go out and purchase personal satisfaction,” he said.

The report likewise found that in light of weapon viciousness, administrative, state and nearby governments spend a consolidated $34.8 million every day on regions like clinical consideration, people on call, ambulances, police and criminal equity administrations.

Sarah Burd-Sharps, head of exploration at Everytown, said she trusted the report could be a directing power for administrators attempting to settle on various approaches and activities.

“It’s important that you have information on the billions that are going out, especially when regions and families are extended on account of COVID,” she added.

Firearm strategy additionally may add to state weapon viciousness costs, the report found. In Louisiana, among the states with the most elevated levels of firearm passing, the expense to occupants midpoints out to $1,793 per individual every year. In Massachusetts, which has exacting weapon laws and the most reduced pace of firearm passing in the country, the normal per-individual yearly expense is $261.

“It’s really evident that expresses that have solid weapon wellbeing laws have far lower costs than states with remiss firearm laws,” Burd-Sharps said.

We the People Holsters. Who are they ? They are gun nerds, holster nerds, kydex nerds and most of all fun loving Americans.

Ascertaining the expense of weapon brutality conveys its impact on people, bosses and the public authority, regardless of whether they don’t actually possess firearms. Monetary breakdowns can help show whether firearm brutality intercessions merit burning through cash on and help policymakers contrast weapon viciousness with other wellbeing and security issues, as intoxicated driving and smoking.

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“Understanding spending suggestions can be powerful in educated dynamic,” Miller clarified. “It’s having a measuring stick that assists us with seeing how large an issue is.”

Keeping that in mind, he multiplied down on a piece of the report he expectations won’t be disregarded by leaders.


PKI Automation and Certificate Management for IoT Devices

In the event that you have a site that offers an assistance to customers outside of your association, odds are it has an advanced testament that is freely established. This implies that the chain of trust prompts a root endorsement gave by a notable Certificate Authority (CA) effectively trusted by your clients’ programs and other significant application advances (e.g., Java). Utilizing a public root empowers you to right away accomplish widespread trust across your client base.

You may likewise have various different workers that are not outside confronting and won’t require openly established endorsements. These workers, nonetheless, may in any case require verification and marking capacities to build up a protected TLS meeting with other inward workers or applications. The base of trust for these workers would be a private Certificate Authority CA; a CA of your own.

With a Private CA (or “Private PKI”) arrangement, you can mark the endorsements for your workers, gadgets, and clients. Since the reason for this CA is to serve your association just, it will give a more tight control when its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is utilized for inner client validation. Hence, Private PKI is massively famous for sending in big business IT, just as cloud-local DevOps and Internet of Things (IoT) conditions.

While a Root CA goes about as the foundation of trust, an Issuing CA is liable for apportioning authentications to end substances, for example, a gadget or client.

Keyfactor helps their customers apply and control cryptography in the right way.
From proactively preventing outages, to reducing operational risks and costs, they help secure all your machine identities from modern, multi-cloud enterprises to complex IoT supply chains. For more information go to

Here are three organization structures to consider when hoping to amplify security for your inner interchange.

Three Deployment Scenarios

  1. Security vendor hosts the Private Root CA as well as Issuing CA(s) for you on the cloud,
  2. Your organization hosts the Private Root CA of your choosing and the security vendor hosts the Issuing CA(s) for you,
  3. The security vendor hosts the Private Root CA and your organization hosts issuing CA(s) of your own

Some organizations prefer Option 1 above as all PKI operational aspects, including hosting, maintenance, security, and compliance, are taken care of by the security vendor (Fig 1). You simply obtain and install certificates from them and deploy them into your environment.

IT and DevOps Friendly Private PKI

For holder to-compartment and application-to-application verification and secure correspondence between them, you will probably use secretly confided in declarations in your AWS, Azure, or other cloud conditions.

A few merchants have coordinated their Private PKI with the most well known DevOps instruments so when you are carrying out your framework and applications in a computerized style, you can flawlessly enlist endorsements from their Private PKI and oversee declaration lifecycles. Furthermore, to guarantee that your product isn’t altered, you would need to code sign your holder and different applications, which could be given from a similar PKI foundation also.

With the coming of the cloud-accommodating miniature assistance engineering, your administrations may go back and forth, which will require high-volume, brief declarations. This reality makes it essential to choose a Private PKI arrangement that is equipped for giving and overseeing authentications with a short lifecycle. The seller’s permitting plan should uphold this plan of action too, making it cost-effective.

Mechanization Essentials

Mechanization assumes an unmistakable part in declaration the board. Authentication lifecycle the board, including, issuance, restoration, substitution and denial, is costly except if computerization is set up. A few sellers support industry standard conventions, for example, Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST), Simple Certificate Enrolment Protocol (SCEP), and so on, which give mechanization. These conventions effectively incorporate with outsider devices, for example, Kubernetes cert-chief, HashiCorp Terraform and Vault, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and other DevOps devices.

In Microsoft Windows conditions, you can use an auto-enlistment capacity to naturally give authentications from a Microsoft CA. A few sellers influence this capacity to empower issuance from their own Private CA.

Unifying Management

Most associations like to not depend on two unique merchants to get their public and private authentications. Considering that, a few merchants have planned their testament the executives stages to empower security and tasks groups to deal with all authentications from a focal administration comfort.

Unified consoles give a reliable encounter to each conceivable testament being overseen and make the status and expiry dates of each endorsement obviously noticeable, assisting with forestalling exorbitant disturbances. Also, some authentication the executives frameworks can find every one of your endorsements and report on them.

The business is making a beeline for more computerized PKI the board frameworks that give a solitary sheet of glass perspective on each open and private declaration in an endeavor—and associations are accepting this methodology. All things considered, who would not like to lessen operational expenses and forestall human mistakes that could bring about an assistance blackout?

Don’t Let Cell Towers Ruin Your View

In this day and age, there are numerous of cellphone towers throughout the country, more than a couple of years ago. Cell site locations have increased by nearly 50% from 2003 to 2013, as cell phone usage is in augment, and it doesn’t seem like it is going to slow down any time soon, but this is causing a major issue throughout the United States because seven out of ten homeowners are concerned with the appearance of cellphone towers.

Mind-Blowing Statistics

To every McDonalds in America, there are approximately twenty-one cell sites. If one stops to think about it, this is quite mind-blowing. According to recent statistics, ninety-one percent of individuals in America say that cellphone service is as important as deodorants and more important than having coffee in the morning or watching shows on television. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, more than 90% of adults in the United States have a cellphone device. In just a couple of years from now, the entire population will have a cellphone, as it has become a necessity.

Cellphone Towers Are Often Concealed

Cell towers are often concealed with the help of flag poles, steeples on top of churches, tall trees, and etc. by Stealth’s artists. For the entire wireless industry, Stealth fabricates, engineers, and designs RF transparent antenna concealment systems, including tower concealments, concealment poles, rooftop concealments, and many other custom concealment structures so that communities don’t see a bulky mobile phone tower whenever they decide to look out their windows or have a nice walk outside.

Stealth: Master in Cell Tower Camouflaging

By contacting your local community leaders, you can ask for any cell tower in your area to be concealed. Of course, everybody likes the service that they provide, but they are not the most attractive things to look at throughout the day. Stealth has become a master in concealments that blend into the community. They can even turn them into pieces of art.

Aesthetically pleasing antenna concealment systems shouldn’t cost any community member a penny, as usually the cellphone service providers are the ones who pay for cellphone tower disguises. (In some cases, private owners end up paying for the concealments.) There are times when this type of towers are positioned in areas that are far away from houses and establishments in order to cause some sort of camouflage, but this generally never works, as they tend to be very tall, too tall that they cannot hide to the naked eye.

Stealth can conceal any cellphone tower, no matter its size. If a cellphone tower is about to be established in your neighborhood or in the surrounding areas of it, you have the choice of having it concealed if you opt to do something about it.

Don’t Let Cell Towers Ruin Your View

To learn more about what Stealth Concealments can do for your community, feel free to visit Don’t let the presence of this type of tower ruin your view, have them concealed. It won’t cost you or any other community member in your area a penny!

How to Make Money Online

Making money online is possible. Several people have invested online and it has paid off. You need to look for the most effective ways to invest online and you will start making money. Nowadays it is necessary to look for ways you can make extra money. Having a passive income can be a great way for you to improve your income and start paying bills. Many people have looked for ways they can make money online and they have turned passive income into their main sources of income. Below we are going to explain to you some of the ways you can invest online and start making money easily.

Ways you can make real money online.


1. Online surveys

There are several online survey platforms where you can be signed up and start making money by filling online surveys. Some of the ways you can start making money online through surveys include signing up for online survey platforms such as life points, Toluna, OnePoll, populous live, opinion outpost, Yougov among others. The online survey platforms are free to sign up. You are welcomed to sign up free of charge and start making money. You can sign up for the online platforms and you will start making extra money by dedicating your time to fill the online surveys.

2. Online market trading

People trade online and they end up making a lot of money. It may require you to invest some money, but it will pay off in the long run. For instance, you can sign up for stock investing platforms such as The online survey platform is free to sign up but you will start making money through a platform where you will be guided. To make a lot of money trading stocks online, you need to research and have some experience. You can start by investing a small amount then grow with time. People have made a lot of money by investing in stock trading online.

3. Start a website

There are several ways you can earn money through running a website. You will have to sign up to a web hosting platform such as Bluehost then invest in search engine optimization. Running a website requires you to choose a niche then focus on SEO. If your website can rank high in a given keyword, then you can earn through affiliate marketing, Google AdSense among other ways. There are several ways you can earn through running a successful website. It is upon you to choose the right niche then focus on such a website and it will be possible for you to earn a lot of money in the process. If you can invest in the right niche, then it is possible to make a lot of money through running a website. You can even sell the website and make a lot of money in the process.

4. Reviewing websites and apps for cash

It is possible to make a lot of money through reviewing websites and apps. You can sign up at and start making money. The platform allows you to review websites and apps from where you will get paid. They pay via PayPal making it easy for you to enjoy making money from the comfort of your home. People looking forward to making a lot of money through investing their time to review the work of other people can end up making a lot of money in the process.

5. Publish a Kindle eBook

Are you talented in writing? There are several topics out there you can choose to cover and write an eBook. Even if you do not have talent in writing. You can hire someone to write for you an eBook and publish it on the kindle store. With time, people will read the book and offer positive reviews. Other people will then buy it and read it. It will cost people few dollars to download your eBook but you will get money in the long run because within a year, you can get over a thousand people reading your eBook. Many people have made good money after they decided to invest their money in publishing eBooks.

6. Affiliate marketing

You may have heard about affiliate marketing. It is possible to make money through affiliate marketing. You will have to start a website then create affiliate links. There are several affiliate programs online. To convert and earn a decent commission, you need to sign up for affiliate programs where you can get targeted traffic on your site. The best way to go about affiliate marketing involves identifying a program then create content that relates to the given niche. There are many people out there who have invested in affiliate marketing and it has earned them good money online.

7. Gigs on Fiverr

You can sell virtually anything on Fiverr. The program works in such a way you will sign up and start selling services where you are knowledgeable. For instance, you can solve coding problems for people and they will pay you. The process is easy, sign up at and describe services you can offer. People from all over the world will hire you and you will start making good money in the process.

8. Buy and sell domain names

You can end up making a lot of money if you can start selling domain names online. A platform such as allows you to list domain names and sell them to people. There are people out there who have money and they would like to invest in domains that have value. You will have to search for the domains and locate those that have value. After you locate them, you can then proceed to list them online. Several platforms list them. With time, you can get buyers and they will offer you good cash.

9. Tutoring online

Do you have the knowledge you can share with people, you can sign up for tutoring services online and teach other people to get money. A program such as Udemy allows you to create a program where you can teach other people online. People are seeking knowledge and you can make money by offering your classes online.
There are several ways you can make money online. Other ways you can make money include Selling your photos, YouTube videos, Google AdSense, Freelance Writing among others.