Don’t Let Cell Towers Ruin Your View

In this day and age, there are numerous of cellphone towers throughout the country, more than a couple of years ago. Cell site locations have increased by nearly 50% from 2003 to 2013, as cell phone usage is in augment, and it doesn’t seem like it is going to slow down any time soon, but this is causing a major issue throughout the United States because seven out of ten homeowners are concerned with the appearance of cellphone towers.

Mind-Blowing Statistics

To every McDonalds in America, there are approximately twenty-one cell sites. If one stops to think about it, this is quite mind-blowing. According to recent statistics, ninety-one percent of individuals in America say that cellphone service is as important as deodorants and more important than having coffee in the morning or watching shows on television. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, more than 90% of adults in the United States have a cellphone device. In just a couple of years from now, the entire population will have a cellphone, as it has become a necessity.

Cellphone Towers Are Often Concealed

Cell towers are often concealed with the help of flag poles, steeples on top of churches, tall trees, and etc. by Stealth’s artists. For the entire wireless industry, Stealth fabricates, engineers, and designs RF transparent antenna concealment systems, including tower concealments, concealment poles, rooftop concealments, and many other custom concealment structures so that communities don’t see a bulky mobile phone tower whenever they decide to look out their windows or have a nice walk outside.

Stealth: Master in Cell Tower Camouflaging

By contacting your local community leaders, you can ask for any cell tower in your area to be concealed. Of course, everybody likes the service that they provide, but they are not the most attractive things to look at throughout the day. Stealth has become a master in concealments that blend into the community. They can even turn them into pieces of art.

Aesthetically pleasing antenna concealment systems shouldn’t cost any community member a penny, as usually the cellphone service providers are the ones who pay for cellphone tower disguises. (In some cases, private owners end up paying for the concealments.) There are times when this type of towers are positioned in areas that are far away from houses and establishments in order to cause some sort of camouflage, but this generally never works, as they tend to be very tall, too tall that they cannot hide to the naked eye.

Stealth can conceal any cellphone tower, no matter its size. If a cellphone tower is about to be established in your neighborhood or in the surrounding areas of it, you have the choice of having it concealed if you opt to do something about it.

Don’t Let Cell Towers Ruin Your View

To learn more about what Stealth Concealments can do for your community, feel free to visit Don’t let the presence of this type of tower ruin your view, have them concealed. It won’t cost you or any other community member in your area a penny!